Yongnuo Flash on Sony Alpha 7 Series?

Can you use a Yongnuo Speedlight YN560 III for Canon Nikon Panasonic Pentax on a Sony Camera (Sony Alpha 7 7R 7II 7RII 7III, A6000 / a6300 / a6500)?

The answer is: YES, you can!

I’m writing this because I’ve found a few blogs, youtube videos that it works but not how exactly.

It’s a simple flash meaning no automatic or ettl. Manual mode only.

If you want flashes as studio environment to control your light (M, ISO100, f8 or higher, 1/160) as me… it is a really great and affordable equipment!

I needed two off-camera flashes for portraits.
Thats why I got myself

  • 2x Yungnou YN560-III for Canon (~50 EUR; IV Version costs ~60 EUR)
  • Yongnuo RF603C II for Canon (Wireless Remote trigger)

and also…

  • Pixel RW-221 E3 Wireless Shutter Release Remote Controller for Sony
  • 8x BONAI AA 2000mah rechargable batteries
  • 8x Amazon Basics AAA 750mah rechargable batteries

I wanted a remote trigger off-camera
since I didn’t know if the Yongnuo Remote Trigger will work for that…
I got myself one from Pixel (Single Shot, HighSpeed, Bulk, TimeTrigger)

It is not connected via the flash hot shoe as it might seem. You get a 2.5mm to usb cable to connect it to the multi-purpose usb port on the Sony camera.

The Yongnuo RF603C II can also be used as Remote Control

on-camera: it is connected via the flash hot shoe
off-camera: 2.5 usb cable needed!! (not included)

on-camera: one trigger on camera (TX mode)
off-camera: one trigger on camera (TRX mode), the other in the hand (TRX mode)

for that the settins on the YN560-III need to be set to M on wireless mode

The whole flash gear..