vscode python – No module named ‘src’

I've had some issues with running python code in vscode.

I have a project folder.
The code is in the "src" folder running a file one level below

the error

my terminal always said:

    from src.mymodule import *
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'src'

The solution

ctrl + p

Preferences: Open Settings (JSON)


"terminal.integrated.env.linux": {
    "PYTHONPATH": "${workspaceFolder}/src:${env:PYTHONPATH}"
  "terminal.integrated.env.osx": {
    "PYTHONPATH": "${workspaceFolder}/src:${env:PYTHONPATH}"
  "terminal.integrated.env.windows": {
    "PYTHONPATH": "${workspaceFolder}/src;${env:PYTHONPATH}"

One last step:

close the terminal running it
press on run code again

The issue is discussed here:


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