LaTex Ressources

LaTex is a very good academic or professional content publishing solution.

Sometimes you just wish to have a good template to start with instead of starting each time from scratch.

\title{Cartesian closed categories and the price of eggs}
\author{John Smith}
\date{September 1994}
   Hello world!

Here is a good site where you can get those:

They offer the following categories:
Academic Journals, Articles, Assignments, Books, Calendars, Conference Posters, Cover Letters, Curricula Vitae/Résumés, Essays, Formal, Letters, Laboratory Books, Laboratory Reports, Miscellaneous, Newsletters, Presentations, Theses, Title Pages

You get to see a preview to decide from, and can get directly to the tex-code.

Some other good resources are
"Text processing using LaTex" by University of Cambridge
Here you can find lots of tutorials, bibliography guides, software, ...
Here you can get some ideas to use typesettings better.
These guys are pushing LaTex forward.. some good areticles are to find here.
A little template collection