Yongnuo Flash on Sony Alpha 7 Series?

Can you use a Yongnuo Speedlight YN560 III for Canon Nikon Panasonic Pentax on a Sony Camera (Sony Alpha 7 7R 7II 7RII 7III, A6000 / a6300 / a6500)?

The answer is: YES, you can!

I'm writing this because I've found a few blogs, youtube videos that it works but not how exactly.

It's a simple flash meaning no automatic or ettl. Manual mode only.

If you want flashes as studio environment to control your light (M, ISO100, f8 or higher, 1/160) as me... it is a really great and affordable equipment!

I needed two off-camera flashes for portraits.
Thats why I got myself

  • 2x Yungnou YN560-III for Canon (~50 EUR; IV Version costs ~60 EUR)
  • Yongnuo RF603C II for Canon (Wireless Remote trigger)

and also...

  • Pixel RW-221 E3 Wireless Shutter Release Remote Controller for Sony
  • 8x BONAI AA 2000mah rechargable batteries
  • 8x Amazon Basics AAA 750mah rechargable batteries

I wanted a remote trigger off-camera...
since I didn't know if the Yongnuo Remote Trigger will work for that...
I got myself one from Pixel (Single Shot, HighSpeed, Bulk, TimeTrigger)

It is not connected via the flash hot shoe as it might seem. You get a 2.5mm to usb cable to connect it to the multi-purpose usb port on the Sony camera.

The Yongnuo RF603C II can also be used as Remote Control

on-camera: it is connected via the flash hot shoe
off-camera: 2.5 usb cable needed!! (not included)

on-camera: one trigger on camera (TX mode)
off-camera: one trigger on camera (TRX mode), the other in the hand (TRX mode)

for that the settins on the YN560-III need to be set to M on wireless mode

The whole flash gear..

SanDisk MicroSD card performance tests

I have several MicroSD cards.. I've been checking them for performance.
I use them in a GoPro Hero 5 Black or in my Samsung S9 for photo and 4k video.

What cardreader was used?

At first I tried with my Kingston FCR-HS3 Card-Reader I usually use (for CF Cards) but I noticed about 10 MB/s slower transferrates each time.

So.. for testing I've been using now a USB3 MicroSD Adapter UHS-1

I've been using CrystalDiskMark.
I ran the benchmark 2 times, best result is shown.

You can click on the images to buy the cards from Amazon via RefLink.

Here are my test results:

SanDisk Extreme U3 V30 MicroSD XC 64 GB

SanDisk Extreme U3 V30 MicroSD XC 128 GB

SanDisk Ultra A1 10 MicroSD XC 64 GB

Surface one – photography slider

I just came across a really great tool to make photo or video shots

edelkrone - Surface one

It's a motorized slider which moves along flat surfaces, giving you great crative shots. You control it via a smartphone app.

edelkrone is known for high quality and high price photo tools and equipment.

Check out some videos about it

The only crux of the matter I see here is the price tag:

$839 surface one + $179 flex head = $1018
699 € surface one + 149 € flex head = 848 €

I would say its definitly worth doing a DIY of that.
If someone already has done a how to, comment it or send it to me.

Here is a useful german review

blood moon around the world

A special cosmic constellation happened on Friday 27.07.2018.
The moon hid behind the earth causing a lunar eclipse and became a blood moon.
The second great thing is.. the mars is closer to the earth than anytime soon making it shine very bright.

I wanted to share with you my observation on this.

I've also found great pictures of that lunar eclipse around the world.



Here in europe we have gotten a new data privacy law

for the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive (General Data Protection Regulation).

in Germany we get a law "Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)"
Zum Schutz natürlicher Personen bei der Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten, zum freien Datenverkehr und zur Aufhebung der Richtlinie 95/46/EG

If it's good or bad.. time will show.
But it concerns everyone interacting using the web and even people offline.

I've collected some useful links for the topic I wanted to share

Of course it also concerns making photos (where people are included) too