X-ray is dead. Long live muons!

Maybe you've missed that we have now big-scale "x-ray" through cosmic rays.
It is used to see inside huge objects like the fukushima reactor, active vulcans, ...


You can read more about how muography works

The Pyramid of Giza was recorded that way and they were able to detect
2 yet unknown chambers inside.

Read more about that


You can also just watch the documentary on that. Really impressive.


Wikipedia article about Muons

Zero Mass’ solar pannels turn air to water

You only need the Sun to generate drinkable Water from the moisture in the air. They say It works in every environment (even in the desert).

It costs about 2000 $ and 500 $ installation, so 4500 $ for a 2 pannel array (as in the video).

But Dr. Ashok Gadil, Chair Professor of Safe Water and Sanitation, Environment Engineering, UC Berkleley says:

At the moment it would only be useful if you are on an island with no water supply and have a lot of money. It's not the best, cheapest and environment friendly solution to generating water. It would be better to harnes water from morning dew or to recycle used water.